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Lapel Pins


A lapel pin is a small pin often worn on the lapel of a jacket or somewhere eye appealing of clothes and hats. Lapel pins can be ornamental or can indicate wearer's affiliation with an organization or cause, and can also used by business to designate achievement and membership.

We produce custom lapel pins for events, festivals, companies, organizations or personal designers.

Materials: zinc alloy and brass are mostly used by us for lapel pins, other materials are also available.

Popular sizes: 1-2 inches, other optional sizes are available.

Shapes: as we are a custom manufacturer, we can open mold for pins in different shapes, regular or odd ones are up to customers’ tastes.

Colors: colorful lapel pins can be produced by filling soft enamel, hard enamel or printing, PMS colors can be matched. And we offer various metal plating/finishing colors to customers’ tastes and preference.   Lapel pins with special colors are available by making them glow or glitter, etc.

Attachments: military clutch (butterfly clutch), rubber clutch; jewelry clutch; safety pin; cufflink back; magnet. Other optional custom attachments are offered.

Special pins are offered as below,

 ● Pin on pin - A pin is riveted on top of another pin to give the design a 3-D look.

 ● Dangler pin - Dangle pins have an extension to the base of the pin that dangles (hangs) from one or more small loops or chains.

 ● Bobble pin - A bobble pin is an upside-down dangler pin that uses a spring instead of a chain.

 ● Lenticular pin - A Lenticular pin has two or more images that can change when it is tilted back and forth.

 ● Slider pin - A Slider pin has a movable piece that slides back and forth across the base of a pin.

 ● Spinner Pin - A Spinner pin has a spinning mechanism that moves a piece of the pin 360 degrees.

To make your unique lapel pins with us is as easy as 3 steps,

 ● Offer designs, logos with requirement, our professional consultants will help you with the rest. Have no design or logo? No problem, just tell us your ideas and expectations, we have the best artists in field to make free artwork (proofs).

 ● Opening mold, production and packaging.

 ● Delivery.

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